COVID-19 testing

Partner with Truepill for end-to-end testing.

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Meet all of your testing needs in a single platform.
Deploy a fully customized or point solution quickly.
Competitive pricing and cost effective ways to reach end users.


Every workplace has its own unique testing needs. Truepill’s customizable, end-to-end testing platform is made for everyone.

In-person worksites
Remote teams
Government agencies

360˚ Program management

Let us do the heavy lifting. From managing evolving CDC guidelines and new testing technologies to diverse business needs and emerging use cases - we’ve got you covered.

API technology

Our API-connected infrastructure eliminates inefficiencies, providing large-scale digital solutions through a single partner. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with real-time insights your team can depend on.

Unprecedented speed

Our integrated approach means you can stand up - or replace - testing programs in weeks, not months. It ensures your workplace stays operational as you transition your testing program, with zero disruption.

Flexible ordering

Access bulk-purchasing discounts, place smaller orders, request individual shipments, and seamlessly integrate new tests as they emerge. Create a solution that works for you.

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Vaccination Program:

Interested in rolling out a vaccination program? Partner with Truepill - we can help you design an effective end-to-end program - including telehealth, vaccination provision, and diagnostics.

for more information.

Testing options:

COVID-19 testing is evolving rapidly, and you can rely on Truepill to stay on top of developments for you.

Saliva-based RT-PCR test

  • easy-to-collect saliva sample
  • authorized for at-home, unsupervised, or supervised testing
  • results available in 24 - 48 hours

Nasal swab RT-PCR test

  • lower nasal swab samples
  • recommended for supervised onsite collection
  • results reported within 24 - 48 hours

Rapid Antigen test

  • lower nasal swab samples
  • authorized for at-home, unsupervised or supervised use testing
  • results reported in 15 - 30 minutes

Rapid Molecular test

  • lower nasal swab samples
  • authorized for at-home, unsupervised or supervised use testing
  • results reported in 15 - 30 minutes
We contract directly with multiple manufacturers so you always have access to the latest testing solutions - without order restrictions or long-term contracts.
We’ll work hand-in-hand to help you select the right tests for your specific needs.

Your testing hub

Our platform approach to testing means visibility, flexibility, and scalability. With Truepill’s testing hub at your fingertips, you’ll have all the information you need in real time– through one user-friendly portal.

Simplified purchasing

Place bulk orders to your worksites or send small batches and single tests directly to your employees.

Identify risks early

Daily symptom reporting and tracking via SMS or email.

Command center

Manage your entire testing program through a dashboard with easy access to test results.

Automated reporting

With employees’ consent, results are reported back to the employer. Data is automatically sent to health agencies.

White labeled

Integrate your company logo and color for a branded consumer experience.

Test manufacturers

You produce the tests. We’ll help you get them into workplaces and schools, to DTC partners, and straight to patients.

End-to-end solution

Provide your customers an end-to-end testing solution through a 100% white labeled testing hub. Transition from a test manufacturer to a provider of complete testing solutions.

Go direct-to-consumer

Stand up your own branded ecommerce program and get your tests directly to consumers. It’s a wraparound service that transforms you into a direct-to-consumer brand.

Fulfillment logistics

Whether you need to send bulk orders to a single customer or distribute individual tests direct-to-consumers, our distribution solutions are flexible and scalable.

Flexible sales model

You can choose to offer benefits like high volume discounts, sell on a test-by-test basis, or anything in between.

Immediate impact

Our programs can be turned around in weeks - not months. With Truepill as your end-to-end partner, you’ll start seeing the bottom line benefits quickly.

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