The Truepill pharmacy APIs provide you access to fulfillment, insurance billing, prior authorization, and benefits investigation infrastructure.

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In this guide, we will walk you through the three basic steps of getting medication delivered to your patient.

Step 1. Create a patient record

Step 2. Create a health questionnaire

Step 3. Create a consult request

Patient record API


A patient record is the repository of information about a single patient. In the context of Truepill’s telehealth APIs, think of the patient record object as a summary of all the personal, clinical and administrative data related to a patient that is needed prior to, during and after a consult.

Create a patient record

A patient record can be created using our /telehealth/patient API endpoint. Truepill will provide a receipt confirmation of the request, and you will be required to reference your patient_record_id for subsequent consult requests.

Create a patient record



Patient record success message:

Success response


Update a patient record

You can update a patient record at any time prior to or after a provider consult. The patient record object lives forever in the Truepill ecosystem, where you can reference it today or even a year later for a follow up consult. This enables our providers to see the history of data associated with your patient to provide the highest quality of care.


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