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We enable fulfillment of medications nationwide through our API

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Why Truepill?

Don’t re-invent the pharmacy. Build, ship & scale with Truepill.

Robust API
Robust API

We provide a RESTful API that lets you check copay pricing, request refills, and get status notifications on all your orders.

Customized Packaging
Customized Packaging

You have full control over the patient experience including customized packaging with multiple shipping carriers and speeds.


We have the capacity to dispense and ship over 100,000 orders a day from our facilities. You can grow your business with us.

A Dashboard Built
For Your Operation

Our dashboard gives you full visibility into the entire pharmacy workflow. Check the status of any order, get tracking details, and communicate with our pharmacy operations team.

Reimagine Your
Pharmacy Experience

Discover what Truepill can do for your business

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Dr. Edvard Engesaeth

Founder, Nurx

"Truepill enables us to scale our operations quickly and efficiently. We are excited to be using Truepill for our fulfillment needs as they build facilities across the country."

Andrew Dudum

Founder & CEO, Hims

"Truepill handles highly customized packaging for our hair kits and single dose pouch packaging. Having a partner that truly represents our brand experience is critical to our success."

Ben Holber

Founder & CEO, YoDerm

"Having a technology enabled pharmacy partner like Truepill allows us to focus on our business. It’s like having visibility into the entire pharmacy operation without having to build it ourselves."

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A Pharmacy API

Introducing the first RESTful pharmacy API of its kind, giving you powerful programmatic tools to manage and scale your pharmacy fulfillment needs. Start with our web console and migrate to our robust APIs to scale your operations to thousands of orders a day.

curl \
  -H "Authorization: ApiKey Your_API_Key_Here" \
  -d patient_first_name="Guy" \
  -d patient_last_name="Jones" \
  -d patient_dob="19840123" \
  -d patient_gender="male" \
  -d patient_payment_type="insurance" \
  -d cardholder_id="273M83243HEV" \
  -d rx_bin="053932" \
  -d rx_group="EULC" \
  -d medication_name="Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg Tab" \
  -d quantity_dispensed=30 \
  -d days_supply=30 \
  -d address_to_company="My Company" \
  -d address_to_street1="4209 Jim Rosa Lane" \
  -d address_to_street2="" \
  -d address_to_city="San Francisco" \
  -d address_to_state="CA" \
  -d address_to_zip="94107" \
  -d address_to_country="US" \
  -d address_to_phone="(347) 610-8896" \
  -d address_to_email="" \
  -d address_to_name="Guy Jones" \
  -d shipping_method="usps_priority" \
  -d signature_confirmation=false \
  -d patient_known_allergies="Known Allergies: ..." \
  -d patient_other_medications="Benadryl" \
  -d metadata="your_internal_identifier" \
  -d notes="Here are some special instructions"
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