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Everything you need to power and scale your online telehealth experience

US-based Physicians

Our network of physicians and nurse practitioners can diagnose and prescribe across a broad range of clinical areas using telemedicine and in-person clinics.

Licensed Pharmacies

Truepill owns and operates multiple pharmacies across the country shipping cash and insurance-billed medications to all 50 states.

In-Person Clinics

Some conditions require an in-person visit. Learn how our physical in-person clinics across 10+ cities can treat your patients.

Clinical Programs

Our clinical team and innovative technology provides personalized, condition-specific patient programs designed to drive improved patient experiences, medication adherence, and clinical outcomes.

Compliance and Regulatory

Telemedicine laws are evolving rapidly. Our team includes experts in both Medical Board and Board of Pharmacy laws and regulations across all 50 states.

How it Works: The Patient Journey

1. Online Visit

Patients visit a dedicated web and mobile experience designed for a therapy area or medication.

Patient Education
Patient Demographics
Medication Assessment

2. Physician Consulation

A licensed U.S. physician reviews your patient's medical assessment.

Asynchronous Visit
Live Video Visit
In-Person Clinic Visit
Follow-Up Care
Electronic Prescribing
Renewal Visits

3. Medication Delivered

One of our licensed pharmacies ships medications to your patient's door.

Co-pay Collection
Cash Payment
Customized Packaging
Benefits Investigation
Free Shipping

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Our Technology

A Dashboard Built For Your Operation

Our dashboard gives you full visibility into the entire pharmacy workflow. Check the status of any order, get tracking details, and communicate with our pharmacy operations team.

Telehealth EMR

Truepill offers a lightweight, flexible and secure electronic medical record system, featuring a simple workflow to give clinicians the tools they need to thoroughly review the condition of each patient.

Pharmacy API

We have built the first RESTful pharmacy API of its kind, giving you powerful programmatic tools to manage and scale your pharmacy fulfillment needs. Start with our web product and migrate to our robust APIs to scale your operations to thousands of orders a day.

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Personalized Onboarding

We build custom onboarding and enrollment experiences for your patients. Web, mobile and text/SMS based experiences for the modern patient that lead to delightful patient experiences for our partners. And we’ve got you covered with an industry leading 1-click refill experience.

Our Pharmacies

Our team of licensed pharmacists and facilities across the country can ship medication to all 50 states. Learn more about our pharmacy capabilities.

Our Physician Network

Our team of licensed U.S. physicians and nurse practitioners can prescribe appropriate therapies over telemedicine or in person at one of our many physical clinics. Learn more about our clinical capabilities.

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